About Us

Sri "CHEKKAPALLI CHANTIYYA" started this nursery in the year 1988 with the total extent of the land is 2 Acres with a staff of 10 peoples who were all treated as a family of "SRI VENKATA DURGA NURSERY".

"SRI VENKATA DURGA NURSERY" is the peculiar nursery among all the nurseries here in the kadiam mandal which is being located at kadiyam to Veeravaram road with vast and huge exotic plants in nature. Sri "CHEKKAPALLI CHANTIYYA" developed this nursery with more enthusiasm right from the beginning.

The place where all the customers feel comfort in both the quality of the plants and as well as the cost of the plants. We give more importance for the plant while it was being traveled to other places. For us the cost of the plant is not considered but the life of the plant is very much considered and will be given necessary guidelines and precautions to handle out the plants.

We encourage all the parties who gives more importance to the plants life rather than the sales of the plants Because we believe in the moral word that "VRUKSHO RAKSHITI RAKSHITAHA". we will stick to this word in all our life.


Best Plants Suppliers is the only award & Reward given by our parties and clients to us and we are very well famous for Avenue and Palm Varieties in big size . Credited the Honorable name as Best sellers in "throughout India".

All the plants are available at us with more variance in rate when compared with us from others and the exact quality which we have shown in the photographs are only loaded by us and this make us feel proud in pertaining the name of Best Quality plants Suppliers.